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Water Extractions

24/7 Water Extraction Services in Houston, TX

It is an unquestionable fact that water is the enemy of property. It is crucial to extract any additional water from your home/workspace as soon as possible. Calamities like sudden leakage or flood can cause unwanted water accumulation within the household. Therefore, Texas Unlimited Cleaning offers 24/7 water extraction services in Houston, TX. Our goal is to eliminate such issues from your life while restoring your top-notch living standard. We have a team of pros always ready to assist, so you don’t have to wait for help in your time of need.

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Our decades of matchless experience and commitment to excellence make us the clients’ first choice. Since 2000, we have delivered the best water extraction services in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. Our flawless track record effortlessly tells the tale of our selfless dedication and sincerity. Moreover, we only appoint certified and trained experts to sustain the utmost quality of our facility. With Texas Unlimited Cleaning, you are never alone in difficulty!


We use different yet effective methods to extract excessive water. The most common is physical extraction using a drying instrument. The ultimate goal is to get rid of all the unnecessary moisture.

Yes, Texas Unlimited Cleaning proudly served 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It varies depending upon the quantity of water and the material of your furniture. Our specialists will let you know if it is required.

At Texas Unlimited Cleaning, you can pay through cash, credit card, or check according to your convenience.

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